Video Shows Man Taking 97-Year-Old Veteran For a First Disneyland Ride in 50 Years

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The Ice-Covered Bottom of the World

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Glacier National Park in Montana is one of our favorite parks in the National Park system. There is just something speci

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How much should dinner cost?

Biden to visit hurricane-ravaged Florida and Puerto Rico

The president and first lady Jill Biden will visit Puerto Rico on Monday and then Florida on Wednesday.

Yin or yang: which one are you?

Most of us are familiar with the yin and yang symbol. We've seen it in numerous places, mostly associated with Eastern belief systems and Chinese philosophy. But what does the symbol mean, really? Is it about good vs evil? Or does it represent balance? And if so, how? Click through the following gallery and discover the fascinating history of the yin and yang symbol.

Video of Crystal Blue Water Deep in the Grand Canyon Is Like Something Out of a Dream

Only true adventurers can find this place.

The 10 most famous Italian dishes abroad... that are not Italian!

Here's Why Mammoth Lakes Is One Of Autumn's Best Getaways

Mammoth Lakes comes alive in fall with colorful foliage--but visitors will find plenty of relaxation & recreation amid the lakes and mountains, too.

Carnival stock falls to a 30-year low as losses and revenue misses keep piling up

Shares of Carnival Corp. sank to a fresh post-pandemic low Friday after the cruise operator reported a wider-than-expected loss and sales miss even as capacity usage improved to 92%.

United Airlines cutting 12 routes from several major air hubs

A spokesperson for United Airlines claimed that most of the dropped routes would be resumed at some point in the future.

Amazing places in Pennsylvania to experience beautiful culture

Lebanon (/ˈlɛbənən/) is a city[3] in and the county seat of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. The population was 26,814 at the 2020 census, a 5.2% increase from the 2010 count of 25,477. Lebanon is located in the central part of the Lebanon Valley, 26 miles (42 km) east of Harrisburg and 29 miles (47 km) west of Reading.Lebanon was founded by George St...

How To Spend A Fabulous Fall Weekend In Oregon’s Beautiful Columbia River Gorge

There are innumerable things to do during a fall weekend in the Columbia River Gorge. Hike, bike, eat, sightsee — do it all in this beautiful fall location.

Anti-Asian hate in America scaring away Chinese tourists

A new study has found that Chinese tourists are not interested in traveling to America...

'Our Children Are Going Blind, So We Are Taking Them Around The World'

We wanted to fill their visual memory with as many beautiful things as we could.

Huge Bison Pays a Surprise Visit to South Dakota Campsite and People Are Loving It

Now this would be something to see!

10 Places To Eat When You’re In Fairmont

Frоm a family-run restaurant tо the fаnсiеѕt dining еxреriеnсе in town, wе'vе rоundеd up some оf thе bеѕt рlасеѕ tо еаt whilе visiting Fаirmоnt.

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Everyone can tell a red from a white, but how does one truly taste and properly appreciate wine? In this gallery, you’ll learn how to use your palate, sense of smell, and eyes so you will never have a glass of bad wine again. Click through to learn more!

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Explore the life of a living icon.

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From a children’s water play area to a white sand beach to Disney’s Boardwalk, it’s no surprise that families and honeymooners flock here.

The Best American Donuts - Revealed

Don't miss these donuts from Boston down to Miami and across the country in Seattle when you take your next US road trip. Is one of our favorites in your home town?

As a young man, I traveled the High Sierra by mule. After 59 years, I tried it again

He was a bookish wannabe cowboy who became a seasoned mule handler in California's Sierra Nevada. This summer he returned to see how the Sierra and he had changed over the years.

Former 'Real Housewives of Orange County' star reveals she had 2 major procedures a month ago, plus more reality TV star plastic surgery before-and-after photos

Take a look at these reality stars before and after they had plastic surgery procedures.

Travel Pics! MGK, Megan Fox Take His Daughter Casie on Her 1st Europe Tour

One happy family! Machine Gun Kelly loves being a dad to his daughter, Casie, and teaching her new things — and showing her new places. “It’s my daughter’s first Europe tour 💼🇫🇷,” the “Bloody Valentine” rapper, 32, captioned a Friday, September 30, Instagram carousel. In the snaps, Kelly — real name Colson Baker — and Casie, […]

7 Incredible Experiences In Arizona In The Fall, According To A Local

Since moving to Arizona 27 years ago, fall has become my favorite season — and for different reasons than it would be in other parts of the world.

Considering a Cruise Ship Retirement? Here’s What You Need To Know First

Many individuals are planning to set sail as part of their target retirement lifestyle, but not necessarily through short-term options like spending weekends on a boat. Some retirees plan to retire...

Our 20 favorite trail mix ingredients

From nuts and seeds to fruit and sweets, here are our 20 favorite trail mix ingredients.

An American Airlines passenger says they booked a direct flight across the US to avoid issues with their wheelchair. They ended up stranded at an airport after employees forgot to load it onto the plane.

"I couldn't leave the airport. It was really difficult for me to get moved and go to the bathroom," Xavi Santiago, who flew from California to Florida, said

Things restaurants don’t want you to know

While you're sitting down at a table and enjoying your meal at a restaurant, there are so many other things happening behind the scenes that are only known by people who've worked in the food industry. From fast-food chains to fine dining restaurants, there are secrets that these establishments don't want you to know, and you'd be pretty surprised to find out why. So, do you dare to discover what they are? Check out this gallery.


Reviews, recommendations and information on all of the best inexpensive Italian wine and the wine regions of Italy at Reverse Wine Snob! Wine doesn't have to be expensive to be good. Maximizing your wine dollars since 2011.

Looking for a cheap retirement spot? Europe is a good deal for Americans

The skyrocketing dollar—and collapsing foreign exchange rates, including the pound, euro, yen and others—is good for retirees, and future retirees

Why did this famous billionaire buy a Texas ghost town?

The billionaire businessman, Mark Cuban, took real estate shopping to the next level when he snapped up the Texan town of Mustang. An empty ghost town with a dark past, and little but trailer parks and abandoned buildings, click or scroll to see inside the entrepreneurs new buy...

Ready for a change of scenery? These towns are handing out $10,000 or more just for you to set up shop there

The moves don't have to be permanent, and some places provide bonuses specifically for remote workers.

Boutique Hotel in New Orleans That's in a Former 19th Century Church Is Just Magical

Affordable, luxurious, and chic!

20 overused words and what to say instead

If you feel like your vocabulary could use some work after describing your last vacation as “amazing” for the hundredth time, this list is for you!

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While visiting Paris, Ina Garten ate at a place with sumptuous food and a to-die-for view that she says she'll always remember.

The 15 Best Campgrounds in the North Carolina Mountains

[Updated September 20, 2022] One of our favorite ways to take a deep dive into the beauty of nature is to enjoy the myriad campgrounds in the North Carolina mountains. Sure, hiking trails are great for getting outside to appreciate the natural beauty of the Blue Ridge region. But camping overnight allows us to explore ... Read more

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Love small towns and offbeat charm? Stray from the ordinary with these expert-recommended quirkiest small towns in the U.S.

Vacationer finds rare PURPLE pearl worth $4,000 while eating clams at resort

A Pennsylvania man vacationing with his family at a Delaware beach was ecstatic when he stumbled upon a rare purple pearl lodged inside one of the clams he was eating that's worth a staggering $4,000.

A Look Inside the Defining Era of 1950s Las Vegas

See the best photos before the EDM takeover.

You Could Buy a House for 1 Euro in Italy -- With a Catch

Always dreamed of sun-drenched days in Italy? This could be your chance.

18 Southern Towns With The Most Festive Names

Las Vegas Casino Closes Dolphin Exhibit After 3 Animals Die In 6 Months

The Mirage's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat is temporarily closed while it investigates the dolphin deaths.

Top US ski mountaineer gets Buddhist cremation in Nepal

The body of renowned US ski mountaineer Hilaree Nelson, who died on Nepal's Manaslu peak, was cremated close to a Buddhist stupa in Kathmandu on Sunday. "The cremation was done today, attended by her brother, other climbers and officials," Jiban Ghimire of Shangri-La Nepal Trek, which organised the expedition, told AFP. Orange marigolds decorated the cremation area at the foothills of Swayambhu Nath stupa, one of the holiest Buddhist sites in...

How Boom Supersonic Plans To Introduce Sustainable Supersonic Travel

Simple Flying caught up with the American supersonic outfit to learn more about its approach to sustainability.