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If you're planning to visit the Caribbean, you're not alone. "When it comes to exotic travel destinations, the Caribbean is one of the most popular choices people make to enjoy the always-summery...

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How to spend a weekend in Cork — Ireland's foodie capital - With a burgeoning foodie scene and some of the best pubs in the world, Cork isn’t to be overlooked in favour of Ireland’s bigger counties. Meg Honigman checks in to two of its best hotels to discover its best dishes — and stouts, of course

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Luxury-travel advisors are seeing a growth in demand as Gen Z and millennial travelers look to enjoy convenient planning for fun travel experiences.

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Locals bear the brunt of mass tourism in southern Europe

Many tourist spots in Europe are expecting record numbers this summer. And locals are increasingly on edge. They want lower rents and a fairer distribution of resources.

4 Signs You're Not Compatible With Your Travel Partner

Conflicting travel styles can turn a fun vacation into a tense one. Here's what you can do about it.

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Cruise ships are vacations from hell to the point where, if you’re trapped on one, you might need a vacation from your vacation. What better way to get away while getting away than to get away by train.

For the Best French Food and Wine, I took a Luxury Barge Cruise With European Waterways

Indulging in good food is an important part of my cruise experience, and nowhere was that truer than on a barge cruise with European Waterways in France. A luxury barge cruise...

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If you're a senior who wants to travel, AARP can help. Here are seven benefits that can help cut costs.

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Finding new travel destinations can be exhilarating and scary at the same time. You can play it safe and go to the same tourist-ridden destinations and follow the crowds, or you can find some out-of-the-way haven you’ve never heard of that takes your breath away.

18 Epic National Park Road Trips To Take This Year

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What it’s like to be the only tourist in Moldova, Europe’s least visited country

Whenever I think of Moldova (which is not often, to be honest), I am reminded of a message sent by a photographer friend, when he came here a couple of years ago: “Less than a minute after crossing into Moldova I witnessed three horses-and-carts, and a goat on a string. My mobile informed me I was in a ‘Zone D’ worldwide destination, it felt like Z...

It’s Important For Us To Feel Good In Our Skin When Traveling

A beauty writer discovers the impact that traveling as a Black woman can have on societal beauty standards.

15+ Best Fall Vacations on the East Coast

Fall colors. Leaf peeping. Corn mazes. Crisp, chilly air. Delicious crunchy apples. Fall is a great time to travel on the East Coast – whether it be to staycation destinations in your local area or a longer trip. We love traveling in the fall. While it can sometimes be challenging because of the start of …

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Two dogs enjoyed the trip of a lifetime after their owners decided to take them on a 12-day road trip spanning 1,700 miles through different countries in Europe.

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The touristy British villages to avoid this summer

“Overtourism” was shortlisted for “Word of the Year” back in 2018 and after a bit of pandemic-era calm, the issue is once again to the fore. This summer has already seen angry protests in a clutch of holiday hotspots, calls for restrictions on Airbnb in Spain, on cruise ships in Greece, and the imposition of tourist taxes in countless cities. Brita...

These Vintage Beach Photos Show That Summer Fun Is Timeless

No matter how fast the world changes and technology evolves, nothing will ever take the place of good old-fashioned fun in the sun on the beach.

Study examines how tourists respond when they encounter feelings of anger or fear while traveling

Think of the last advertisement that you saw for Disney World. Was it filled with sunshine, smiles and interactive character experiences? There certainly were no photos of ride lines several hundred people deep. No images depicting guests sweating profusely while having to navigate through an overcrowded park.

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