To hop or not to hop, that is the question?

(park hopping on the monorail to Epcot for dinner)

Planning your next WDW vacations should be both easy and fun but there are many decisions to be made along the way.  Choosing the resort, ticket packages, fast passes, dining reservations and park hopping or not?  Park hopping is a feature added to your base tickets so that you and your entire party can leave one park and enter another on the same day.  For example; you spend the morning fast passing like mad around Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom until your “mad hatter dizzy”.  You  return to your resort to splash poolside and catch some rays. Without the Park Hopper option you would return back to the Magic Kingdom that evening. With the Park Hopper option, you can choose any park to venture out to that evening.   So you could travel to Epcot, dine in Via Napoli in Italy and hit Karamell-Kuche in Germany for dessert all in one day/evening.

Park Hopping is an added price of $50.00 to $64.00, depending on how many days are on your base ticket.  On our dozens of trips to WDW we have always had the Park Hopper option.  Perhaps we are part amphibian.  No really we just prefer variety.  We pick a park for the morning usually the one that has early magic hours  (shhh) and stay until after lunch.  Poolside fun and sun takes place in the afternoon.  Then we meander back out in the evening to a completely different park.  The kids get a heavy dose of rides and attractions all morning and since our favorite places to eat are in Epcot the Park Hopper enables us to travel the world through dining.

A good friend of mine prefers not to park hop.  She corrals her family and her Keen sandals and heads to the park in the morning.  She stays all day until closing and is apparently in much better shape than I am (or it could be the Keens she swears by). I’ve even heard of some Mousejunkies that try to hit four parks all in one day!  Intriguing but no thanks!  It’s a personal choice and luckily Disney gives you the option!

So the choice is your.  When you begin planning out your next WDW vacation make a list of the pro’s and cons of Park Hopping or not.  Want to stay at the same pad all day or hop around a bit?

The choice is TOAD-ally up to you!

Why did Kermit use his Park Hopper to leave Hollywood Studios to visit Epcot?

He had dining reservations at Chefs de France… for the French flies!

(that’s why I am an Elementary School teacher – they love my jokes)

(their first park hopping experience – ages 18 months and 3 years)


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