Shipwrecks revealing amazing treasures from the past

From Roman-era ships to 17th-century Navy vessels, incredible shipwrecks currently being excavated for treasure and artifacts.

Where Can Americans Travel Right Now?

More than 100 countries currently allow U.S. citizens to visit, but some restrictions apply.

15 lodging websites that aren't Airbnb

How to cancel reservations and activities after testing positive for COVID-19

It seems like everybody is testing positive for COVID-19 right now. While positive cases of the virus are starting to fall, the U.S. is still averaging more than 700,000 new coronavirus cases each day. That means a positive case may upend your travel plans even if you take all the necessary precautions. For more TPG …

Ride a Snowmobile Across an Alaskan Glacier on This Epic Tour

On second thought, "epic" might be an understatement.

UNESCO Lists Viking-Era Wooden Sailboats on Heritage List

Photo by AP Photo/James Brooks An 11th-century Viking coastal trading vessel sits on display at the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark. For thousands of years, wooden sailboats allowed the peoples of northern Europe to spread trade, influence, and sometimes war across seas and continents. In December 2021, the U.N.’s culture agency added Nordic “clinker boats" to its list of traditions that represent the Intangible Cultural Heritage of...

Seriously Romantic Small Town Getaways

Flowers and chocolates just don't compare to these trip ideas. If you're a travel-loving couple, Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to plan a getaway, and there are so many romantic places across the U.S. to choose from, whether your ideal destination is a seaside village, quaint Victorian town, or a mountaintop bed-and-breakfast. That's why we've rounded up these romantic small towns to inspire your wanderlust or, if you happen to live a short drive away, to head to on a romantic Valentine's Day's road trip. These small town hideaways are more than just charming; they're magical (seriously, of them feel like they could have been plucked from a Hallmark movie). Bet you didn't know that Nebraska has towns called "Cupid" and "Valentine." Meanwhile, Illinois has "Fidelity" and Louisiana has "Eros." There are places called "Darling" in Mississippi, "Lovely" in Kentucky, and "Venus" in Florida. And if that's not enough to entice you, consider that both Colorado and Idaho boast regions called "Sugar City." But the romance in some of our favorite Valentine's Day-ready towns goes well beyond their names. Read on for more ideas and to find the perfect romantic destination for your trip for two.

Ecuador expands ‘underwater superhighway’ for migrating species in the Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage Site 600 miles from mainland Ecuador, is home to many rare species, such as marine iguanas, giant tortoises and Darwin’s finches, and tops the bucket lists of many travelers. After visiting the islands in 1835, Charles Darwin went home and developed the theory of evolution. Galapagos National Park …

2022 Travel Guide to Hawaii

Your guide to traveling in the Aloha State in 2022.

The Best Inns in Every State for a Charm-Filled Getaway

From Alabama to Wyoming, here's where to stay in the USA!

Saddled by government restrictions, can Cathay Pacific survive?

Cathay Pacific is a shell of its former self. As airlines worldwide continue to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, Hong Kong’s flag carrier continues to be saddled by government travel restrictions, both for its passengers and its crews, an issue that has crescendoed in recent weeks. Now, in an update out on Monday, Cathay CEO …

You won't believe the bizarre sights hiding in these US cities

From bizarre museums to curious landmarks, America has no shortage of oddities. Here are our favorite wacky sights.

This 1882 surveying error saved a patch of forest from logging

On 144 acres of Northern Minnesota wilderness, travelers can glimpse a rare old-growth forest.

The 11 Most Romantic Hotels in New York City

From the Rockaways to the Upper East Side, here's where to stay to get those sparks flying.

The Best European Islands You Haven't Heard of Yet

Time to update your bucket list.

22 Great Mexican Coastal Destinations for 2022

Your guide to popular and under-the-radar coastal getaways in Mexico.

This Under-the-Radar Caribbean Island Might Just Be a Better Alternative to St. Barts

If you are one of the few savvy travelers who have heard of Canouan, its probably in whispers as a billionaires getaway in the Caribbean. The small, crescent-shaped island is part of the Grenadines chain and is around five square miles. Only about a thousand residents call Canouan home, and few tourists have yet to … Continued

The most beautiful American villages

The United States is much more than noisy metropolises and disreputable cities. From sea to shining sea, the country overflows with magnificent communities boasting distinctive architecture, enchanting scenery, and rich histories. Discover America's 20 most beautiful towns.

15 Travel Deals for a Romantic Valentine’s Day Island or Coastal Escape

When all you need is peace, quiet, and each other, these getaways will ensure memories that last a lifetime. The post 15 Travel Deals for a Romantic Valentine’s Day Island or Coastal Escape appeared first on Islands.

Find Out Which Famous Actor Is From Your State

Who's your celebrity mascot?

Germany's most scenic road trips revealed

Germany has many highlights, from cities overflowing with culture and world-famous landmarks to mountains that harbor fairy-tale castles. Then there’s the nature: the less-explored Baltic coastline, waterfalls found deep in the Black Forest, lakes dotted with islets and vast nature reserves. The best way to appreciate all this loveliness is on a road trip. From a journey inspired by the Brothers Grimm to roads that follow the salt-sprayed “German Riviera”, here are some of the best scenic road trips in Germany. (Due to COVID-19, check local travel restrictions before you head out.)

2021 Degrees of Separation

Illustration by Haley Tippmann Countries apart, months away during the COVID pandemic. “I’ll miss you very much! See you in two months. Love, Tara xx”. So ended the farewell card my wife wrote me before she flew from Phnom Penh, Cambodia, to Manila in the Philippines on January 25, 2021. I drank alone in Bassac Lane that night and departed for my hometown, Siem Reap, the next day, expecting to be reunited in March. But it would be almost a year...

50 Amazing Places In the U.S. You've Got to Take Your Kids To

This country is incredible.

More Than 2,100 Amazon Shoppers Love This Puffer Vest — and It's on Sale Right Now

Prices start at just $15.

The Best Things to Do in San Luis Obispo, California, from Historic Missions to Kelp Foraging

A California escape marked by rolling green hills and coastal vineyards, plus some of the friendliest city locals in all of California.

Revealed: the most dangerous and safest countries in the world

Staying safe while you travel the world is super important. But which cities fair best?

Restaurants where you can have a Michelin-starred meal without paying a fortune

42 Houses From Movies and TV Shows You Can Actually Visit Right Now

You NEED to see these in person.

British PM Boris Johnson announces end of all testing for vaccinated UK arrivals

Boris Johnson announced Monday that testing requirements for vaccinated arrivals to the U.K. will soon be scrapped. The announcement follows speculation last week, as reported by TPG UK, that a move to reduce current testing requirements in the U.K. would be imminent. For more TPG news delivered each morning to your inbox, sign up for …

MGM Resorts Is Expanding Its Membership Rewards Program — What to Know

MGM will soon allow non-gamers to take advantage of its popular rewards program.

Update: Some Marriott hotels are now charging a nightly ‘sustainability fee’

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with a statement and information from Innkeeper Hospitality Services. It was originally published on Jan. 10, 2022. In a world full of hotels trying to nickel-and-dime guests, it probably won’t come as a shock to hear that a new, unexplained charge is being reported by travelers checking out. …

48 Beautiful Places to Satisfy Your Wanderlust From Afar

Go globe-trotting (virtually).

This time-warp house shows what life was like 100 years ago

Deep in the heart of the Catskill Mountains in New York state lies a house virtually untouched by the developments and innovations of the past century. A perfect 1920s time warp, the property stands frozen in time, retaining all of its original features and furniture from almost 100 years ago. Join us as we open a window to the past and explore the secrets of this enigmatic home.

Escape Winter: 6 South Florida Resorts and Hotels You Can Book With Points

Courtesy of the Confidante Miami Beach A night at the Confidante Miami Beach costs just 18,000 World of Hyatt points. AFAR partners with and may receive a commission from card issuers. This site does not include all financial companies or all available financial offers. Compensation may impact how an offer is presented. Our coverage is independent and objective, and has not been reviewed, approved, or endorsed by any of these...

Charming American Towns Worth Taking a Road Trip to Visit

Hit the roads less traveled.

The Best Cabins, Hotels, and Dude Ranches Near Glacier National Park

From lakeside yurts to rustic log cabins, these are the coolest accommodations near the Montana park.

Rare Photos From Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ Wedding

It was described as “the royal wedding of the century.”

What to Do If Your Flight is Canceled

Know your options when flight delays or cancellations threaten to ruin your vacation.

How to Spend a Winter Weekend in Idaho’s Sun Valley

This central Idaho destination has been charming Hollywood stars and adventurous skiers for nearly a century.

Abandoned US prisons you can visit if you're brave enough

America’s abandoned prisons and crumbling correctional facilities tell a sobering and sometimes chilling story of the way people have been incarcerated throughout the centuries – often in harsh, cramped conditions and for crimes that no longer exist. From so-called ‘squirrel cage jails’, where tiny cells were rotated using a carousel system, to spooky cell blocks said to be haunted by the ghosts of former inmates and wardens, here are the eeriest abandoned prisons around the US. If you're planning on visiting any spooky spots, be sure to check COVID-19 protocols and state travel advisories before you go.

These California Hotels Are Offering Major Discounts Right Now

California calling.

Breeze Airways cuts 1 route, shuffles 14 others in big network update

New startup carrier Breeze Airways is making some big adjustments to its fledgling network. As part of its recent schedule extension, Breeze is shuffling its route map with a handful of route changes and notable frequency changes, as first seen in Cirium schedules and later confirmed by the carrier. To start, the airline is cutting …

13 Lunar New Year Traditions From Around the World

Vintage Photos of Cities Around the World

Go back in time with these photos of some of your favorite spots.

Eerie abandoned towns you won't want to step foot in

From Gold Rush-era mining towns cast out in the desert to ancient cities ravaged by time, the world is filled with abandoned settlements that act as a window into the past. Here we take a virtual tour of the dusty streets and creaking buildings of the planet's eeriest deserted towns. (If you're planning to visit any in real life, be sure to check relevant travel restrictions before you go.)

Sotheby's Is Auctioning Off a Black 555.55-carat Diamond Believed to Be From Space

"Its sale represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire one of the rarest, billion-year-old cosmic wonders known to humankind."

Rare Photos From Grace Kelly's Iconic Royal Wedding

You've seen the dress, but you haven't seen these special moments.

Sin City secrets: how Vegas became the place we know today

From the glamor of the 1950s to the slump of the 1980s and freshly found vigor in the new millennium, we trace Las Vegas' history and journey through events that made the Sin City.

Best Historic Homes in Key West

Where presidents, poets, authors, artists and one ornithologist made their marks The post Best Historic Homes in Key West appeared first on Florida Travel + Life.

Wellness Travel Trends To Watch in 2022

Two years into the pandemic, perceptions about wellness have changed, as have consumer values. Here’s a look at some wellness travel trends poised to dominate 2022.