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Hi there, I am A Jetset Journal, travel and fashion blogger and I am coming at you from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on board my 7th cruise. I cruised with Carnival for my first 3 cruises and now Royal for my last 4, more on that later, and now I am breaking down how to go about getting your laundry done while cruising in style.

Can you do laundry on Royal Caribbean Cruises?

The long answer, yes and no. Carnival cruises offers a self service option where guest can do their own loads of laundry for a small fee. Royal does not offer the same self service option, however, they do offer two options to have your laundry done for you. Keep reading to see the options:

Laundry Option 1 – Pay Per Garment

If you choose to use this service, you will fill out the above form with the items you want washed and put the items in the paper bag. This is a good service to use if you only have a few specific pieces you want cleaned and/or pressed. This is the bag and form that will be in your stateroom by default, if you choose the next option, you need a different form and bag from your stateroom attendant.

Laundry Option 2 – Fill the Bag Special

If you are looking to get some basics washed, this is probably the option you want to go for. For this special you fill the bag with as many items as you want cleaned and pay a flat rate of $34.99. According to the Royal Caribbean website, this special is only available on specific days but I asked my stateroom attendant for the bag and form and she gave it to me right away.

Pro tip, if you have quite a few items to be washed, fold them up small so you can fit more into the bag to be washed.

Laundry Option 3 – DIY It

The final, and probably far less appealing but most budget-friendly option is to wash your own clothes in your tub or sink and hang dry them. Biggest problem with that route, getting laundry detergent on the ship. Luckily, you can now order Laundry Detergent Sheets from Amazon which look and feel like dryer sheets, but suds up when mixed in water. You can pack these babies and do your own laundry during your cruise and hang it up to dry.

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