A new fee is coming to the most visited national park next year

You'll still be able drive through Great Smoky Mountains National Park for free, but if you park your vehicle for 15 minutes or more, you're going to need to cough up a little money starting in March 2023.

Soho House is pushing 30 and still isn’t profitable. That could change by the end of this year

Behind all the glitz, glamour, intrigue and notoriously long waitlist of Soho House lies a financial thorn in its side: Twenty-seven years after its first private club opened on London’s Greek Street, the company still remains in the red. Membership Collective Group, Soho House’s relatively new parent company that went public last year, reported an …

Ranked: The Unfriendliest States in America, Is Yours Here?

A significant factor that goes into the moving process is the type of environment you want to move into. Will your neighbors be friendly? Will ... Read More

6 Great South Dakota National Parks

National Parks in South Dakota include Wind Cave and Badlands National Parks along with multiple historical sites to exp

Take A Meandering Path To A Kansas Overlook That’s Like A Scene From A Movie

You could spend a lifetime exploring all the great places in the Sunflower State and still not see all there is to enjoy here, but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy trying! One of our favorite ways to explore our great state is by adventuring through the many wonderful trails... The post Take A Meandering Path To A Kansas Overlook That’s Like A Scene From A Movie appeared first on Only In Your State.

36 Hours in Atlanta

Atlanta is the capital of Georgia. It’s a very nice place to be; especially if you love to have fun. I know this because it’s my hometown and has always been a wonderful city that offers plenty to do. Don’t be fooled by crime statistics or by reality TV, Atlanta is still a nice safe...

Woman Scores Upgrade to Business Class All Because of Her Stunning Passport Photo

The picture really is amazing.

These are 20 countries that offer 'golden visas' to wealthy immigrants — with costs ranging from $19,000 in Thailand to $2.5 million in Australia

Controversial "golden visa" programs allow immigrants to receive residency status in exchange for investments ranging from $19,000 to $2.5 million.

Thinking of Diversifying your portfolio? Here are the top EM companies

Companies in this are based in Emerging Market Countries that trade in US exchanges that have outperformed their peers. This list’s performance is calculated on an equally weighted method.

Here are the fast food chains you'll only find in the states

From the decades-old Waffle House to the fresh and fun Dog Haus, you'll have to travel a long way to try one of these tasty joints if you're not in the States.

Hiking in Gatlinburg – A Guide To The Best 23 Trails In The Smokies

Are you looking to go hiking in Gatlinburg? This guide gives you the best 23 trails around the Tennessee side of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Whether you're looking for easy hikes, hikes with waterfalls, hikes in Cades Cove, or the most challenging trails in Gatlinburg, we have you covered.

Live The Golden Age Of Railroad With Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railway

The Durango-Silverton Railway is an authentic ride into the Coloradan Rockies with vintage steam trains to historic mining towns.

Four Seasons wants to take you on the ultimate private plane trip — starting at $130,000

It’s one thing to take a business-class flight to one of the world’s most popular hotels. But it’s an entirely different experience to take the private plane of one of the world’s most popular luxury hotel brands and crisscross the world staying at its best resorts. Well, not for Four Seasons — and not for …

Price Increases Are Coming For Some Disneyland Fans, And They Are Not Pumped About It

Are Disneyland's Magic Key changes the final straw?

The US States People Are Fleeing And The Ones They Are Moving To

It's no secret that people are moving around the United States a lot lately. Ever since the rapid increase in housing prices and the rapid ... Read More

The Most Charming Small Town in Every State

You'll find the heart of America in these small-town gems that seem lost in time. Add them to your must-visit list now. The post The Most Charming Small Town in Every State appeared first on Reader's Digest.

Disney's Big Thunder Mountain Movie Brings On Hawkeye Directors

The directing duo Bert and Bertie are set to helm the wildest ride in the wilderness with a Big Thunder Mountain movie adaptation for Disney.

Amazing cat facts that will leave you in a flap!

Are you a cat owner? Do you love and admire these discerning and impeccably well-groomed animals? Then you probably think you know everything there is to know about these intelligent and elegant pets. But there's more to your little feline friend than meets the eye. A lot more. Curious? Click through and read up on these amazing cat facts.

The Iconic Dive Bar Making A Triumphant Return To Hollywood

If you live in Hollywood, the odds are pretty good that you have your choice of bars. When on the hunt for a new spot, you might check out a classic.

Did you know that stocks that crashed during the pandemic have nearly returned 75% since their lows in 2020?

Stocks in this list have companies that had their businesses significantly impacted by the lockdown. This list’s performance is calculated on an equally weighted method.

How to Prepare for a Vacation Out of the Country

Going abroad for a week or two is an ideal vacation. You get to explore new areas, learn a new language,… The post How to Prepare for a Vacation Out of the Country appeared first on Newlyweds on a Budget.

Staying Safe At The Grocery Store

Grocery shopping is a weekly occurrence for most people. As for me, I like to go twice a month. The grocery store is often a crowded place to shop. While COVID and other viruses still spread rapidly among us, how do you stay safe at the grocery store? If shopping amongst these outbreaks is scary… The post Staying Safe At The Grocery Store appeared first on Grocery Coupon Guide.

Bear Interrupts Alabama Family's Gatlinburg Vacation, Just Wants to Hang Out

Dangerously cute.

Things to do in Palma de Mallorca Spain

Looking for things to do in Palma de Mallorca Spain? This gorgeous island off the northeast coast of the Mediterranean Sea is sunny most of the time (they claim around 300 days per year!) making it a perfect vacation destination. Though I only had a day in the lovely Spanish Island of Mallorca, I found... Read More

Happening This Weekend: A Special Sunday Brunch With Vibrant Asian Eats by Sunae

Chef Christina Sunae's whipping up a five-course affair with wine pairings.

New cruise destinations for your next sailing

With cruising making a confident rebound and nearly every region on the planet once again open to cruise travellers, there are plenty of exciting new destinations to explore by ship. While some destinations are new to certain cruise lines, such as Greenland, the Greek island of Kastellorizo and the Great Lakes of North America, other destinations such as Cuba and Australia are back on the cruising radar with all-new itineraries. Here we highlight the best new and improved cruise destinations that'll make you want plan your next trip.

Making the most of Massachusetts

The US state of Massachusetts may be small, but what it lacks in size it packs in with variety. Massachusetts is one of the original 13 colonies and has preserved an extraordinary wealth of historic landmarks, some dating back to when the Pilgrims first settled in the New World. It's in Massachusetts that the first shots of the American Revolution rang out, and where Boston, the state capital, was declared the "home of free speech." Massachusetts is also distinguished for its plethora of charming old ports set on a coastline skirted with sandy beaches. Delve into the countryside and you're met by villages remarkable for their colonial-era architecture and yesteryear appeal. So, do you want to make the most of Massachusetts? Click through for ideas of where to go and what to see.

The 15 best places to grab a drink in San Diego

Whether you want to spend a quiet evening with friends or rage until dawn, grab a mimosa or grab a cocktail, this city has you covered for all your drinking adventures.

You Can Now Fly Via Seaplane from Manhattan to D.C.

Orhan Cam/Shutterstock New Yorkers can forget about traffic congestion and exhausting airport lines. Tailwind Air, the sea plane company flying guests to their favorite summer destinations, just announced a new route connecting Manhattan to Washington, DC. Taking off from Manhattan's Skyport Marina at East 23rd Street, Tailwind's planes will land in College Park Airport, which is conveniently located at short distances from the Capitol,...

Ben Affleck Was "Freaked Out" on His Recent Paris Honeymoon With Jennifer Lopez

The reason is actually heartbreaking. 😞

Our 2021 Year in Animals

Welcome to our 2021 year-in-review article, where we go through a rundown on the great adventures we had last year. Instead of your average, ordinary recap, we're doing the 2021 year-in-review with all the animals we met along the way. So buckle up, and let's go!

Why Summer in Alaska is the Best Time to Visit

Alaska. The last frontier. If all you picture is winter with freezing temps, then summer in Alaska will surprise you. From road trips to day trips, outdoor activities to cultural experiences, cities to small towns, your summer family vacation to Alaska will be one of those travel memories not soon forgotten. You might wonder: Is …

Our 25 favorite fair foods of all time

Have you ever been to your local town, county, or state fair? If not, then you’re not only missing out on a ton of fun, but also a whole bunch of fantastic foods.

Historic Hotel in Galveston, Texas Comes With a Resident Ghost in Room 501

The story of Audra and why she haunts the hotel is actually pretty sad.

AirTag leads to arrest of airline worker accused of stealing at least $15,000 worth of items from luggage

An Apple AirTag led to the arrest of an airline subcontractor accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of items from luggage at a Florida airport.

This Is America’s Best Bargain Hotel, According to Travelers

Customer satisfaction is down at hotels overall, but some chains are bucking the trend.

Human Umbilical Cord Found in Spirit Passenger's Luggage

A CBP spokesperson told Newsweek that some biological materials "must be accompanied by a CDC import permit or importer certification statement."

Haggard Bill and Hillary Clinton stroll down beach on Hamptons getaway spotted Bill and Hillary Clinton on a walk on the beach in The Hamptons on Tuesday.

10 Underrated Mexico Beaches To Consider Over Cancun

Tourists consider Cancun the heart of the Mexican Caribbean experience. Here are 10 beaches tourists should consider visiting there.

American tourist dies at Bahamas Sandals resort after testing positive for COVID-19

An American tourist died after testing positive for COVID-19 at Sandals Emerald Bay Resort where three others had died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

This Funky Little Town In Southern California Is A True Hidden Gem

There’s no wrong time of year to visit Wrightwood. Whether you choose to go skiing, ziplining, or hiking, there’s an outdoor adventure for everyone. If you prefer the unique shops in town, you’ll have some excellent choices. This charming town in Southern California is full of marvelous offerings. Wrightwood has... The post This Funky Little Town In Southern California Is A True Hidden Gem appeared first on Only In Your State.

This Is Why You Never See Mosquitoes at Disney World

Have you noticed that Disney World, despite being in Florida, seems to be virtually mosquito-free? There's a reason for that. The post This Is Why You Never See Mosquitoes at Disney World appeared first on Reader's Digest.

American Airlines joins the betting on faster-than-sound jet travel — but it won’t be ready until 2029

Overture aircraft from Boom Supersonic will allegedly fly New York to London in just three-and-a-half hours.

Steps we should take to maintain healthy feet

We tend to ignore our feet, and yet we punish them relentlessly as they haul us through thousands of steps every day. We stand on them sometimes for hours, and often take them for long runs. So, don't we owe our feet as much tender loving care as possible? Click through and find out the steps needed in order to look after our feet.

The Best Campfire Foods for Your Next Road Trip

Campfires are for more than just toasting marshmallows! Get creative with these mouthwatering recipes you can cook over the campfire.

Get Amtrak Fares for as Low as $39 on Its Auto Train

Courtesy of Amtrak Amtrak is launching a fare sale on its Auto Train, offering tickets as low as $39, plus the cost of boarding your vehicle. Between now and August 23, you can purchase these discounted fares for passage between Florida and the Northeast, so you can skip the traffic jams on I-95 and still arrive at your destination with your vehicle. The Auto Train provides nonstop service between Lorton, Virginia and Sanford, Florida. Lorton is...

The best travel destinations of 2022

American Airlines Is Feeling Supersonic

American Airlines is considering a faster way of travelling.

Secrets of the Second World War

It was humanity’s first experience with “total war.” The brutal six-year war that pitted Britain, the United States, the USSR and their allies against Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, and their allies transformed Europe and the world. Tens of millions died, not only in battle but through genocide. Six million Jews, along with millions of homosexuals, dissidents and other ethnic minorities, died in Nazi concentration camps. Whatever side you were on – or if you were trying to save yourself – secrecy was essential. Historians are just starting to resolve some of the war’s enduring mysteries. Let’s have a look.

China’s Covid Cases Surge to Three-Month High on Hainan Outbreak

China’s Covid cases surged to a three-month high, driven by a worsening outbreak in the tropical Hainan province that has become the country’s biggest since Shanghai was shut down in the spring.