1. waterproof travel backpack with allllll sorts of things that you could possibly want in a travel backpack, including a "wet bag" so you can take a last-minute dip in the hotel rooftop pool and then put your wet swimsuit in the backpack before heading to the airport. 

Promising review: "I recently took a cross-country flight with my three kids. I really didn't want to worry about checked bags getting lost, so maximizing our carry-ons was a priority. This backpack fits an unfathomable amount of stuff! Lots of zippers and compartments for everything from shoes to laptops/iPads, easy access compartments for cell phones and boarding passes, I fit tons of neatly folded clothes. The best part was that fully loaded it easily slid under the seat." Kindle Customer

Get it from Amazon for $33.99+ (available in two sizes and 42 styles). 

2. A genius personal item suitcase with *removable wheels* to help you fit all sorts of Draconian personal-item and carry-on restrictions. Ahem, Frontier. 

Take OFF luggage is a small biz.

Promising review: "I refuse to pay the outrageous cost of checking a bag or carry-on. Once you take the wheels off this fits perfectly into the sizing thing for Frontier so I don't have to pay anything. Fits quite a bit of stuff in it as well. So far I've used it on a foujr-day trip to California and a three-day trip to Las Vegas. We are going on a 10-day trip to Puerto Rico soon on Frontier and again, I don't want to pay for bags so made sure to book a place with washer/dryer otherwise this would probably be too small for 10 days." —S. Denzel

Get it from Amazon for $119.99 (available in four colors) 

3. A super roomy duffel bag that's durable enough to toss around from home to car trunk to bus to wherever. It's water-resistant and can hook onto a rolling stuitcase. And if you take a last-min dip into the lake at that picturesque lake house your pal's aunt owns? Np. You can put your wet swimsuit in one of the separating compartments. 

It's water-resistant and has an adjustable long strap.

Promising review: "This bag is AMAZING! If you are trying to maximize your carry-on game by not checking luggage, I believe this is the largest 'personal item' available. This has a zippered pocket for wet items making it the perfect pool bag. I was impressed with the interior pockets, the ability to slide this bag onto my carry-on roller luggage with ease etc. This was PERFECT for traveling with a young child. I packed for me and our 3-year-old in my carry-on AND this item, and I was able to avoid checking anything. Love the color! Quality is excellent. Buy the bag!" —Courtney

Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in a variety of colors).

4. A weekender bag with tons of bells and whistles you'd normally pay much more for — reviewers compare it to the viral Beis weekender. Since we started writing about this bag I've seen so many fellow airplane passengers boarding with this as a personal item. And not ONCE have I seen them have trouble with a gate agent regarding sizing. 

It comes in two sizes: one sized for a personal item, and one for a carry-on.

Promising review: "BUY NOW! BEST TRAVEL BAG! BEIS [swap]! This bag is great! Literally don’t hesitate on buying it!! I have traveled on Frontier, Spirit, Jet Blue, all no problem fit inside the bag measuring size perfectly! BEST PART I traveled a lot this summer, to Mexico, Nicaragua, and Jamaica, all for 5–6 days, all my stuff fit in perfectly!! I had three JEANS, two SHORTS, seven TOP, five bathing suits, two sandals, one pair of flip-flops and three makeup bags, plus a charger on the side pockets! If you want to travel on a budget this bag is your best friend. Plus the bag is super sturdy and great material with strong zippers." —Franyeska Pravia

Get it from Amazon for $28.99+ (available in two sizes and 25 colors).

5. A 14-inch and 20-inch carry-on set you can use together or separately on a flight with stringent bag policies. (Or even use the 20-inch yourself and then give your kid the 14-inch). Gotta love having options!


Somago is a small biz specializing in luggage. 

Promising review: "Bought this after committing to traveling only with a carry-on. I didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a carry-on, but I also didn’t want to go too low and the product faulty. I found this to be a happy medium. It survived the streets of Greece, hills, rough and uneven terrain, ferries, stairs, and plane rides. The wheels offer a smooth ride. I stuffed it to the max with 24 lbs worth of clothing (for reference). I did use packing cubes on one side, though. Zipper handled it well, and the case held its shape. Overall, a great buy and highly recommend." —SR

Get them from Amazon for $89.99+ (available in seven colors).

6. A colorful hard-side roller suitcase that lots of reviewers say is super sturdy and will easily fit in planes' overhead bins. (Psst, if you're looking for a similar vibe to the pricier Away, this could be it.) 


Promising review: "Bought this with the 35L Open Story Backpack, and they couldn’t have been a better pair for a better value! Used them both as carry-on and personal item for a week vacation on an island!" —Anonymous

Get it from Target for $71.99 (available in six colors).

7. And the coordinating 35L backpack you could feasibly use as your *only* item for a trip. Lots of reviewers did! It opens up like a rolling suitcase for easy access. 


Promising review: Took this as my sole bag for two weeks in Europe and it held out amazing. Fits neatly under the seat in front of me in my flight and holds a ridiculous amount of stuff. Very sturdy zippers and seams. A little uncomfortably on the shoulders when loaded heavy but manageable.” —Lg

Get it from Target for $39.99+ (available in four colors). 

8. A Samsonite wheeled carry-on bag small enough to qualify as a personal item on super strict airlines. It can fit underneath an airplane seat! You can avoid checking a bag, glide through security, *and* don't have to hurt your shoulder by carrying a duffel bag that'd also fit strict bag measurement policies. Take that, Spirit Airlines. (This'll pay for itself after a few trips.)

Now you won't even have to pull your suitcase outta the overhead!

Promising review: "Great piece of luggage. I've been trying to 'one bag' with only a backpack that fits under the seat as a personal item on US domestic flights, but on occasion, I'll need to 'two bag' (still not checking any bags) with one personal item and one overhead. This Samsonite under seat carry-on can actually fit under the seat as well, but if I need a carry-on, I like having an easy time storing in / retrieving from the overhead bin next to those obnoxious or first-time-flyer idiots who bring a massively oversized carry-on (and how did they get past the flight attendants and the gate check'?) trying to cram their bag into the bin. It also fits into the older planes with tiny overhead compartments like the CRJ900. Definitely recommend." —Anonymous Reader

Get it from Amazon for $104.76.

9. A Beis backpack that zips open like a suitcase without *looking* like one of those backpacks that do that. I used this and a space vac bag to pack ALL my belongings for my Iceland trip instead of paying $100 to check a bag. (That's how the discount airlines get you!) 

Elizabeth Lilly / BuzzFeed

I snagged this backpack after hearing my colleague Chelsea Stuart sing its praises. I had a trusty (now discontinued) InCase backpack I used as a personal item and served me well on dozens of trips for about five years. But I wanted a bag that opens up like a suitcase for easier packing. Since buying, I've taken it on countless weekends and international trips. Including, like I said up there ^, to Iceland with just this and a space vac bag full of clothes.

Inside, you'll find a mesh zippered pocket and a plastic pocket perfect for your toiletries. I can fit enough wet toilet toiletries in the second pocket as I'd be allowed to carry on for a plane. In the mesh pocket I put other necessities like cotton swabs, medicine, eyeglasses, etc. The main compartment is deceptively deep so you can easily roll clothes and Lego-fit them in together without using packing cubes. In fact, I fit all of the stuff in the second picture in that section (a romper, PJs, a bikini, sunscreen, five pairs of undies, a pair of jean shorts, nap dress, three pairs of socks, two pairs of sandals, two T-shirts, a slip skirt, sleep mask, curling iron, mini flat iron, makeup bag, and tote bag). AND it has stretchy X-straps to keep it all secure like you'd see in a roller suitcase so when I unzip it, everything stays put. But before I forget, there's a separate cushioned laptop pocket close to the backpack straps that I found works well for books or a Kindle if your travel leaves you laptop-less. 

I love that this backpack has DEEP side pockets so your umbrella or water bottle won't fall out. In fact, I stuck a flashlight and an umbrella in one side pocket. (You could always use a flashlight.) Plus! It has a generously sized pocket on the front of the backpack with easy access for sunglasses, snacks, writing pens...all sorts of those little extras you need to access quickly. To top it all off, the backpack straps and top handle are STURDY. I felt totally secure toting it around and slinging it into overhead storage compartments on the trains. I love the look and construction of it with faux leather and sturdy black canvas, and the trolley passthrough to easily fit on my roller suitcase I'm about to drag through a bunch of airports. At nearly $80, this isn't the cheapest backpack option but if you're a frequent traveler, you'll get so much mileage on it and seriously save on some baggage fees, making it well worth the cost. This backpack and I are going places, for sure. And if something ever happens to it — though I highly doubt it because it's SO sturdy — I'll 100% buy another. I'm obsessed!

Get it from Beis Travel for $88 (available in eight colors). 

10. Plus a Beis carry-on roller suitcase with tons of bells and whistles, including a TSA lock, 360-degree wheels, a cushioned trolley handle, side-carry handle with a weight detector, AND a retractable attachable bag strap. I own this and have basically darted through airports totally smooth to get to my boarding gate.  

Beis Travel

Like I already said, I own this and have been using it for about six months after I broke a wheel on a Samsonite suitcase that, tbh, I totally treated like it was a rental car. I most recently took it on a 10-day trip to Paris, Bologna, and Milan, which entailed me flying three times. I was able to fit all my stuff (with extra room!) in this and my beloved Beis backpack, using the trolley pass for my backpack over the top handle for this suitcase for super easy airport navigation. The wheels are the smoothest of any suitcase I've ever used, and I'm able to glide around the airport around slow walkers, families taking up way too much room, and people who've apparently never been to an airport before. This suitcase also comes with two opaque bags that are great for dirty laundry, and the zip-closed side has a clear pocket where I like to stash my Apple AirTag so I can quickly check that, yep, it's in my suitcase. The straps on the other side makes it easy to pack in stuff without haveing to expand the zipper to allow for more room. (On my most recent trip I packed TWO midi-length coats in addition to the one I wore on the plane.) Even though I travel about every chance I get (these days I'm on a plane nearly every month), I think I'm going to be able to get a very long stretch use out of this beaut!

Get it from Beis Travel for $218 (available in 12 colors).

11. compact wheeled carry-on bag small enough to qualify as a personal item on those budget airlines that float to the top of Google Flights results bc of their "personal-item-only" budget ticket prices. This'll really stick it to 'em! 

Now you won't even have to pull your suitcase outta the overhead!

Promising review: "I bought my bag September 2022 for Hawaii. Airlines loose so much luggage, I wanted to only bring one bag. I bring five pairs of shoes and two outfits a day. Always travel with two large suitcases AND a carry-on. Did not think I could do it. I got eight days of clothing in this bag, airline-approved size toiletries, my medications, my camera, AND my travel CPAP machine in this bag. I only took one pair of shoes, which were the ones I was wearing. Incredible!! Going back to Hawaii this October and am taking my bag again. I can not believe I got everything I needed in this bag. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!" —J. P. Delano

Get it from Amazon for $48+ (available in three colors).

12. A Lo & Sons Catalina Supreme tote in a waxed eco-friendly poly that'll look SO slick as you're able to pack so much stuff into this personal item–size beaut. Reviewers love it for work trips bc of its great padded laptop sleeve. And don't even get me STARTED on those compartments at the bottom. 

Lo & Sons

Promising review: "I have been using the weekender for a few years now, but with increased work travel I needed something that could hold my laptop too. It has so many neat pockets inside, perfect for water bottles, keys, wallet, sunglasses, as well as sanitizer, and other personal items. I have been able to use it as my personal item on 13 flights in the last two months, which has enabled me to avoid checking a bag. The fabric is high quality, and it stands up by itself. 10/10 in love with the quality, design, and practicality." —Leila H.

Get it from Lo & Sons for $298 (also available in black). 

13. A 26-liter Calpak Duffel in a water-resistant recycled ripstop vinyl, with compression straps, padded carrying straps, *and* a clamshell opening to help you squeeze in all sorts of necessities (and just-wants) for your adventures. 


My colleague Chelsea Stuart owns and loves this beaut: 

If you wanna talk about a ludicrously capacious bag, this right here is the winner!! I bought a basic economy ticket — with no baggage allowance other than a personal item — and managed to fit enough in here for an 8-day trip that included London, Oxford, and Edinburgh. I wore it as a backpack the whole time, but it does have adjustable straps that turn it into a duffel bag. It also has a number of carrying handles, a luggage trolley sleeve, a laptop pocket, an interior compression strap, a clamshell opening (so it opens just like a suitcase!) and, one of the best features — imo — a ripstop polyester shell (it's made from 27 recycled water bottles). I stuffed this sucker with not only my clothes and toiletries but a whole bunch of souvenirs on the way home and there was no ripping of seams or weird noises that made me think my bag might explode at any moment. Oh and the juniper color is just 😍.

Promising review: "I recently used this bag for a trip to Florida and managed to pack so many outfits. It worked as a personal item so I didn’t have to pay for luggage. Not to mention, this bag had so many pockets. Definitely purchase if you’re on the fence." —Alyssa C.

Get it from Calpak for $175 (available in 9 colors).

14. 40-liter travel backpack big enough to hold a GIANT 40-ounce water bottle. (No more paying for airport water!) Plus it has a great clamshell opening and handy pockets. 

Jessica Hall / BuzzFeed

My colleague Jessica Hall used this (and the next suitcase) for a 10-day trip where she carried on only. Here's what she has to say: 

"I have been searching for the perfect travel backpack for a long time. I had found some I liked, but the zipper broke and it wouldn't fit my water bottle, so I needed to find a replacement. This bag has it all — it fits a 40-oz water bottle, it has straps to tighten the sides and make it not as bulky, it opens all the way for easy access so you don't have to shove your hand all the way down to the bottom, it has a ton of small pockets for everything you could ever want and has a padded laptop sleeve. I was able to cram SO MUCH stuff into this thing, and it saved me the hassle of TSA pulling everything out when they pulled it aside for deeper inspection."

Promising review: "This is a great bag. Exactly what I was looking for. It's lightweight enough yet sturdier than expected. I like the fact that it's rip stop material. The zippers are heavy duty. The adjustable water bottle cage is a great feature. Even has a cinch strap in the event it's a taller bottle. The storage pockets are very usable and multifunctional. The laptop sleeve is well padded without being too thick. I bought the version that comes with three packing cubes so if my bag is opened at customs they don't have to touch all my personal items and things won't fall out. I bought this for all kinds of travel; weekends at the coast, a week in Mexico and possibly even a two week trip to Europe next year. That's the plan. There are straps with buckles on either side so the bag can be compressed if need be or you can tether a jacket or travel blanket to the outside. I'm very pleased with this item." —SLR

Get it from Amazon for $45.35+ (available in five colors).

15. A lightweight TravelPro 21-inch roller suitcase with four wheels that has lots of backpack-to-roller bag converts in the reviews. FYI, lots of flight crews use this beloved brand's luggage!


Promising review: "On my last two-week trip to Europe I took a backpack-type Patagonia Black Hole 40L bag, and got tired of lugging it during airport transfers. So, for the latest trip, again for two weeks in September 2023, I wanted to try this highly rated bag with wheels. My goal is always not to check a bag, so my main concern is that this bag wouldn't hold enough stuff versus the Black Hole to make it for two weeks to make a wheeled bag worth trying. I packed perhaps one less sweater, a pair of pants, and socks, which was about the space compromise for the wheels. The ease of use of this bag in airports, on trains, in subways, and during accommodation transfers made it well worth packing fewer clothes. I'm a four-wheeled bag convert, and will leave the backpack bags to youth hostel college kids." —Gracer

Get it from Amazon for $144.49 (available in 13 colors and other sizes).

16. A weekender bag can easily slide over the handle of your wheeled suitcase in case you're in the market for a new personal item. (It'll also fit under an airplane seat, according to reviewers.) Though SOME reviewers have traveled abroad with *just* this as their suitcase!

Promising review: "I take this to Europe for 2–4 weeks. It fits ALL my clothes. This is the only luggage I need. The bag is sturdy and, most importantly, the handles are extended and sewn in all the way to the bottom to avoid tearing. It is heavy canvas so that it can be washed. It has so many interior and exterior pockets and an extension strap. It also has a wide independent outside pocket strap that can be used to attach this bag to a carry-on handle. It fits perfectly under the aircraft seat. No more overhead compartment placement or hard case under the seat (I used an American Tourister compact under-seat carry-on for years prior to purchasing this one). This bag is soft yet expandable." —Diana

Get it from Amazon for $34.99+ (available in 20 colors/patterns).

17. A smart carry-on with an ejectable battery, a crush-proof shell, and plenty of room inside so you'll get away with carrying on only without LOOKING like you only packed four outfits. The ultimate goal!

July, July / Via www.instagram.com

July is a Melbourne, Australia–based startup committed to making stylish and sustainable luggage. Their featherlight carry-on includes aluminum bumpers, a telescopic handle, an integrated TSA lock, and a hidden laundry bag.

Promising review: "I have used this twice so far for international travel and love it. I like to carry on everything leaving and check the bag returning. I was able to fit everything. I also appreciate the interior details to keep things organized. I hope the wheels continue to hold up to cobblestone streets." —Jamie D.

Get it from July for $295+ (available in 9 colors and with or without personalization).

18. A Dagne Dover carryall duffel bag with a TON of devoted fans for good reason. It helps you stay *very* organized and fit in a lot of items in a super tiny space that's even small enough to shove under an airplane seat.

Emma McAnaw / BuzzFeed

My colleague Emma McAnaw owns this very bag and raves about it. Here's what she has to say: "I use this every time I travel — and I never, I mean NEVER, check bags. I even took this with me to Amsterdam and easily packed about four sweaters, DOC MARTENS, and all my undies and toiletries. To be fair I wore the same pants for four days (I am cheap, guys), but I never felt like I needed more space. And yes — even Spirit lets me take this."

Promising review: "I love this bag for travel. Size-wise, it's acceptable as a carry-on, and I've even brought this bag with my roll aboard and had no problems with Alaska or American Airlines. It's pushing the limits on your second personal item, but as long as you don't stuff it too full, you should be okay. This bag has pockets on all sides, a really nice shoe bag and a small zippered pouch that I keep my Lululemon travel shawl in. The grey neoprene is really nice, and I get lots of compliments. It is prone to picking up dirt marks, so you need to be careful about putting it on the ground or shoving it anywhere that might be dirty." —CdnNordyFan

Get it from Nordstrom for $215 (available in four colors).

19. A 44-liter compression carry-on backpack I just saw a friend carrying on a month-long European trip to lots of success. She had lots of cute outfits all packed into this beaut! Psst, if 44 liters is *too* big, it will also work for 38 liters!


It has a removable waist strap for stability, adjustable backpack straps, and is waterproof! Plus, it can expand to fit 44L of capacity, but can compress to fit 38L.

Promising review: "I just got back from a nine-day trip backpacking Europe and could not be happier about this backpack. When first ordering, I was worried that the backpack would not have enough room and the overall quality of the bag would not be as good as others, it turns out I had nothing to worry about. By rolling my clothes up, I could fit everything, including two pairs of jeans, nine T-shirts, one long sleeve shirt, one down jacket, two basketball shorts, one belt, one beanie, six boxers, six pairs of socks, a hefty cable bag, a 12-inch laptop, sandals, and toiletries. There was actually still room for more! I had no issue bringing this as a carry-on and storing it in the upper bins of British Airways and Aer Lingus flights." —ast89

Get it from Amazon for $69.99 (available in four colors).

20. A 26-liter Lo & Sons ~deluxe~ backpack with a removable organizational insert so you can not only FIT all of your stuff, but then also FIND It. 

Lo & Sons

Promising review: "There are a ton of pockets and each is so thoughtful. The best feature is the capacity. I recently went on a long weekend trip and was bent on not checking a bag. I ended up fitting so much in the Hanover Deluxe. It was filled to the brim — yet still fit under my seat on the plane. I’m a small person with a small frame, and the backpack is lightweight and easy to carry. Saw other reviews about the fabric, seems durable enough (it is stiff but fine), and I suppose it is a preference. I hope the bag will hold up over time, but in the meantime, I’m happy with my purchase." —Jen

Get it from Lo & Sons for $115.70 (available in three colors). 

21. A 20-inch hard-side suitcase with a compartment on the front perfect for your laptop, iPad, or important travel documents to easily and quickly access. Oh, and there's a TSA lock!


Promising review: "This luggage gives me everything I need to travel for weeks with only my carry-on suitcase. I especially like keeping my laptop and travel documents readily available in the front drop-down compartment. And it practically floats across the floor with its super, well-constructed wheels." —Estela VG

Get it from Amazon for $129.99+ (available in five colors and in other sizes).

22. A 14-inch hard-side spinner suitcase perfect for kids *or* when you are NOT paying to carry on a bag.  

Promising review: "I bought this for a trip from Las Vegas to Chicago to visit my grandparents. I never check bags in and typically just pack everything in a backpack, but nope, not this time. After doing some research and finding out that some airlines charge for backpacks if they decide they are too big, I got TSA to find the dimensions of the under-seat and overhead compartments so I would not have to pay any fees while traveling. We'll this litte green luggage fit all those. I was to pack more than what I typically do in my backpack, including my work computer and charger. This rolls very well and doesn't weigh much when packed. It did get thrown around in the back of my truck when on the way to the airport, and I haven't noticed any damage from the three-hour drive to Las Vegas. I did like how on the zipper there is a built-in lock but I didn't use it. I'll try it on my return flight. So far, this thing has been awesome." —Sourdoughy

Get it from Amazon for $99.99+ (available in eight colors).

23. A TravelPro deluxe tote reviewers love for quick access to travel documents, books, and other things you might need in-flight — all while meeting tight carry-on and personal-item restrictions on a multitude of airlines. 

Promising review: "I bought this bag to ensure I had enough carry-on luggage space to pack for a week-long trip without having to check a bag. The bag is well made and should last a lifetime." —RWiser577

Get it from Amazon for $97.49+ (available in four colors).

24. A 20-inch collapsible rolling suitcase for easier squeezing into sizers and, when you're unfortunately stuck at home getting your money's worth on rent, taking up very little storage room. 


Promising review: "I just dragged this bag all over Portugal for nine days. I am extremely satisfied with it! When I travel, I bring carry-on only. Every airline has different carry-on size limits. Tap Air Portugal has one of the lower size limits. This bag is well within their guidelines. It’s also the most lightweight bag I have found on the market, which is great, because the agent weighed my carry-on before I got on the plane. This lightweight bag saved me! The two non-swivel wheels navigated the rough, uneven cobblestone streets with ease. I did pick it up by the handle on occasion, when things got extremely rough, as I didn’t want to take a chance of breaking a wheel. The light weight of this bag made carrying it a breeze, and the handle held up well.

Update: I used this bag for an 11-day trip through Ireland in June. I walked a lot in Dublin, pulling this behind me (I like to walk). I also used it on a couple of weekend trips. This bag is still going strong. No damage or wear." —Scout

Get it from Amazon for $54.97+ (available in four colors). 

25. A three-piece luggage set with an 18-inch roller bag with a cup holder, duffel bag, and makeup bag. And! You can pop the wheels off the roller bag to help it fit certain airlines' personal-item standards. 


Imiomo is a small biz specializing in luggage. 

Promising review: "I love love loved this set!! I travel a lot, so having a bag that I can use as a personal and don’t have to purchase a bag has been AMAZING!! I just pop the wheels off and put them inside or in my pocket. The other bags are bigger than I would’ve expected. The toiletries bag is extremely spacious. And the carry-on bag extends if you want. Overall great purchase!" —Taylor

Get them from Amazon for $79.99+ (available in four colors and two set sizes). 

26. A 22-inch roller bag with an "indestructible" polypropylene hardshell and a multi-stage telescoping handle so you'll feel free to play tough with your suitcase without having to look up replacements. 


Traveler's Choice is a small biz luggage brand. 

Promising review: "I travel 75% of the time for work and am always carrying on. This bag has received a lot of use, and it has held up great. The side pocket for a portable charger to charge my phone has come in very handy while waiting for a flight and not able to find an outlet." —Anonymous

Get it from Amazon for $91.78+ (available in seven colors, and in three sizes).

27. A rolling duffel bag reviewers say will be super sturdy as you fill 'er up with packing cubes and take it all over the world. 


Olympia U.S.A. is a small biz specializing in luggage. 

Promising review: "Light, easy-to-handle carry-on bag. Bought it and immediately took it half way around the world to Spain. It was my only bag for 10-day vacation. The pockets were perfect for the things I needed to pull out for TSA and International Security. One or two of our flights asked that we check the bags. It made it back to me in perfect condition. Very durable and sturdy. It did sustain some black marks that I need to try to clean off. But I travel a lot and I'm all-around pleased with this bag! I'll use it often." —Cathryn J. 

Get it from Amazon for $54+ (available in 10 colors and four sizes).

28. An under-the-seat duffel bag to help you pack what you need despite opting for the basic economy that doesn't include an overhead carry-on bag. 


BoardingBlue is a small biz specializing in compact luggage.

Promising review: "It worked out perfectly. No hassles at security or at boarding. Everyone looked at it and recognized its size, so there were no questions. I had bought the 'economy' flight and was not allowed to bring a carry-on, only a personal bag that fit under the seat. This one held all my makeup, hair products, a change of clothes, a portable paint set, and several books. Not to mention a hat, gloves, snacks, and other little items. Couldn't have survived without it!" —Caron

Get it from Amazon for $29.95 (available in four colors). 

29. And if you'd REALLY like to game the system: A neck pillow you can stuff with clothing — even a whole outfit — to give you some comfy flexibility and help get around super strict carry-on size restrictions. The listing says you can even pack three days' worth of clothes in it! Which would especially be welcome if your carry-on-only budget doesn't exactly align with your fashionista status. 

Check out a TikTok showing how someone used a similar neck pillow to just take that and a personal item onto a RyanAir flight that was charging for hand luggage. 

Promising review: "Took it on my trip to Europe. I went carry-on-only and this tube was a true gem! I fit one full outfit in it and it’s so valuable when traveling with only carry-on luggage. On the plane I used it as an arm support. It’s really helpful on a 10-hour flight. What an excellent idea to take something out of the weighted luggage!!! I was able to fit three T-shirts, two light long-sleeve sweatshirts, and one pair of underwear. I usually like to have a change of clothes with me on the plane, especially on transatlantic flights, so I can change it on the layover, just feels fresher." —Happy Shopper

Get it from Amazon for $49.95.

Bon voyage!

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